Best Car Seat Massager in 2019: Product Reviews and Top Picks

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D o you have a tough schedule and are always on the go whether its long distances on the road or a short but tiring trip to the nearest hills? In any case, car seats are a primary source of discomfort leaving you tired. By the end of the day, the body needs an alternative to a body massage; a quicker and easier fix for the aching muscles. But once a person looks up for a car seat massager, there are over a hundred variations of the same product. The market is full of products that are ready to jolt a fresh breeze into one’s life with unlimited options and affordability. But how do you know which one is the best car seat massager for you?
To find out, let’s dive into the features and benefits of a convenient device.
  • The device you choose among the hundreds should comprise of a “Neck massager”, as most tension resides in the muscles of the neck which directly affects the mobility. It focuses on relaxing the nerves that inflict pain in certain areas of the neck.
  • A good massager should have chair cover nodes that move forward, downward and then turn. As compared to the pads that provide clockwise or counter-clockwise therapy, these nodes produce a swift motion that gives the user a comfortable experience.
  • Choosing a multi-purpose massager gives an efficient result in a limited time ensuring the health benefits that come along with it. It should allow the user to acquire the benefits in multiple places like a workplace, home, on the road etc. The portable feature adds to the quality of the massager.
  • Shiatsu massage has gained quite an audience in a short time. The reason for the unusual hype is the multiple styles for a massage which have a striking resemblance to chiropractic techniques using similar hand and finger movements. It combines amazing techniques like rolling, tapping, kneading along with heating. Heating soothes muscles and targets the stiff muscles whereas the kneading technology gives the user relief from muscle soreness and stress.
  • Adjustable settings are another feature that cannot be overlooked. A good massager should have settings that fluctuate according to your need of the hour. The Auto-shut option makes sure you get the right amount of massage.
 car seat massager for back pain relief

How are driving and lower back pain related?

The back muscles are directly affected during driving as the neck, spine and back muscles are directly involved. Lower back pain manifests itself in different forms in the body. Most targeted sites are the two muscles, Quadratus lumborum (QL) and the gluteus medius. The muscle QL is mostly involved in the back pain as it's a bridge between last rib and the pelvis, making it a potential site for a strain. The activities that might be a cause for your muscle pain include movements that involve the lower half of your body while the upper half isn't readily involved. The symptoms include throbbing pain and tender muscle. In order to gain relief, there are massagers that target these muscles and bring back the normal muscle tone.
Sitting for longer periods of time can result in a more severe condition known as Sciatica which results from direct pressure on the Sciatic nerve. There are painful sensations originating in the lower back, transmitting down the thigh into the lower limb. Therefore, the soothing action of a massager makes sure that stress to nerves is kept to the minimal.
 car seat massager for back pain relief

Symptoms of pain in the lumbar region:

Symptoms of pain resulting from driving long miles can be categorized on the basis of the onset and time. They are described as follows:
Acute pain:
The acute pain is caused by sudden stress and injury to the stability of the muscles and the adjacent ligaments, tendons, discs in the spine. Symptoms include severe pain, muscle tightness, inflammation with swelling and change in color of the underlying skin resulting in the inability to perform daily activities. It might need surgical intervention.
Chronic pain:
The term ‘chronic’ here refers to longer periods of time i.e over 3 months. It tends to be intense in nature and is irresponsive to the initial medical treatment. In this case, the source of pain should be determined by doing a thorough medical checkup.

Tips to handle back pain:

Life doesn’t pause for a person who develops a lower back pain after long hours of driving. But there are ways to counter the pain while being on the road. Following are some of the ways that may help you counter the pain:
  • Use of a good seat massager will bring a sufficient change in life. The angle and the placement should be considered when placing the device in the vehicle.
  • Intermittent breaks on the road are an absolute necessity. The human body cannot sit in one place for a prolonged period. Therefore, every once in a while, preferably every 30 minutes, take a break and step out of the car to stretch. It will allow your muscles to relax and rejuvenate in order to perform efficiently.
  • You must have the right upper back adjustment while sitting. You can do it by placing the hands at 3 o'clock and 9 o' clock positions which give the elbows a place to rest. This way of gripping the steering wheel prevents additional stress on the back muscles allowing you to focus on the road better without troubling your muscles.
  • A heating massager comes into action when the pain and soreness increase. But how can heating help in the process? It actually is a great way to relieve the body muscles from pain and relax them by decreasing the pain signals traveling to the brain preventing the trigger. It enhances the circulation of blood to the area. When the flow of blood increases to a specific region, it fulfills the demand for oxygen and nutrients to the affected area, leaving the person with a sense of relief.
  • The incorporation of a good massager in life gives the user an appropriate amount of massage whether it's the vibration therapy or the rolling therapy. Collectively, it provides you with increased levels of endorphins, quick relief with relaxed muscles.