Best deal cat food prices in 2019: Product Reviews and Top Picks

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O ne of the most crucial part of owning a pet cat is to make sure that it gets the right amount of food and nutrition so that our lovely felines could stay happy, healthy and active all throughout the day. But it is easier said than done. Every day thousands of cat owners scour the markets looking for the best cat food brands that would help them raise their pets in the most effective way. And many more skim through a plethora of cat food reviews and organic brand varieties but often end up falling into the trap of clever marketing schemes' instead finding the right fit.
So for all the cat owners who are on the search of finding some of the most healthy, nutritional and good quality cat food products this short guide could help buyers to please their feline friends with some scrumptious food choices while keeping the dreaded vet visits at a bay. Always remember, a properly fed cat has more immunity to fight diseases and the ability to sustain an active lifestyle.
Important nutrients for your cats
  • Stay away from supplements'
    Many of the cat owners often go overboard to take care of their cat’s dietary needs. And they sometimes even end up giving their pets some extra vitamins and mineral supplements'. But these can have an adverse effect on the your pet’s health as cats need a very limited amount of vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates which is mostly included in canned treats and good quality food brands. Also, don't forget to ask your vet before making any dietary changes in your cat’s routine to avoid severe reactions' or illnesses.
  • Keep your cats hydrated
    Cats are never really keen on drinking large amounts of water and more often than not they fail to consume the average daily water requirements. So to manage that try to keep your cats hydrated by providing them with clean and fresh water at all times. Moreover, to make up for any deficits pick out wet canned food that have a relatively higher water content.
  • Dry vs Wet cat food
    So basically there are three main varieties when it comes to cat foods: dry, semi moist and wet canned. Dry varieties have the least water content and the wet cat food has the highest moisture percentage. Also the prices are in increasing order with minimum range for the dry pet brands and the canned varieties' being the most expensive. When it comes to taste and palatability the pricey canned food tops the list. So the choice is really yours based on your budget, your cat’s unique nutritional needs and its likability for certain ingredients. The premium canned cat food is often the best nutritional choice containing all the required minerals and dietary supplements that are well suited for picky eaters. But to avoid extra costs a mixture of both the wet and dry cat food brand is highly recommended.
  • Taurine and cat dietary requirements
    Taurine is a free amino acid which is naturally produced in most mammals. But cats can't produce taurine in their bodies and thus should be given food products that contain a good amount of taurine in the form of animal based ingredients. Taurine helps to maintain a normal body function in cats and is essential in building heart muscles and improving vision. Make sure that you cat’s taurine blood levels are in check to avoid heart diseases, blindness and compromised reproductive performance.
Thus, the abovementioned five factors are a sure fire method to help cat food buyers choose the best product for their pets keeping in mind their individual requirements and preferences. Moreover, as a general rule make sure to check the cat food labels and pick a brand that is life stage appropriate for your kittens, lactating or pregnant adult cats. And to top that off watch out for AAFCO approved cat food brands to ensure the health and safety of your pets.
Lastly, to give buyers a much need heads up for the next time they go shopping for cat food, here's a list of best sellers based on cat food reviews :
  • Purina
    Purina ONE Indoor Advantage Adult Dry Cat food, Turkey flavor
  • Hill’s Science Diet
    Hill's Science Diet Dry Cat Food, Adult, Indoor, Chicken Recipe
  • Blue Buffalo
    Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain Free, Natural Adult Dry Cat Food, Chicken Flavor
  • IAMS
    IAMS Proactive Health Indoor Weight and Hairball Care Dry Cat Food
  • Meow Mix
    Meaw Mix Original Choice Dry Cat Food